MSD Organizer Multiuser v11.5

MSD Organizer Multiuser 11.5 | 24.3 MB

MSD Organizer Multiuser allows you to store and manage all your personal and professional information. You can now use MSD Organizer Multiuser to manage your daily activities, phone book, take note of your relationships with banks, clients, suppliers and other contacts. MSD Organizer Multiuser allows multiple users to share the information in a local area network or through the Internet.

Here are some key features of MSD Organizer Multiuser:

The Network messenger allows to send private or broadcast messages to other program users in the local area network. The messages are stored in trays like in the mailing programs.
Provides tools to communicate with the contacts by phone, web, electronic mail and SMS messages, and allows to send customizable emails to contacts and email lists.
All the records in the program modules can contain an unlimited history. The possibilities of this unique feature are countless.
The records of the modules of this program can be linked with a contact of the Contacts module.
Favorites support. The user can define program records and groups as favorites, as well as folders, programs, documents, phone numbers, web addresses, email addresses and user defined favorites. This is one of the most useful tools in this program.
The user may configure the behavior and visual appearance of the program.
Easy to use, with windows with similar functionality and controls designed for a short learning curve.
Find your information easily, using powerful filtering and searching tools. This features are supported by a powerful relational database manager.
Data security, provided by password control and data encryption. The information is protected during program execution and after closing the program. The backups may also be password protected.
Data Import/Export, provided by tools that allow the exchange of information with other programs.
Complete reports, with different sorting and classification possibilities.
Foreign currency support for financial information. The program automatically detects the EURO countries to configure foreign currency parameters.
Word processor: use this powerful tool to edit your documents with formatted text, tables, images and more.
Image viewer: use this tool to view or print the images stored in the program records.
Analog and digital clock.
Calculator with currency exchange, very useful particularly for the EURO countries.
Moon information tool, to be aware of Moon phases.
Biorhythms information tool, to know the state of our Intellectual, emotional, physical and intuitive biorhythms.
Backup and Restore tools, to keep your personal information safe.

OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8